Michigan Gender Equity Team



The Michigan Gender Equity Team is a group of organizations acting as a catalyst to achieve gender equity, at home, at school and at work.


Gender equity means an equal chance at learning for females and males, with open options to learn subjects and prepare for future education, jobs, and careers without expectations based on gender. Equal encouragement for both genders to develop, achieve, and learn is essential to equitable treatment of female and male students.

In order for the Philosophy Statement to be achieved, the following educational concepts must be embraced by educators, parents and community members.

  • Gender equity is an attitude and commitment.
  • Gender equity-focused resources are abundant and readily accessible.
  • Gender equity is not an add-on, but a basic educational approach.
  • Support services, supplementing gender fair instruction, are necessary to ensure equal access by all students.
  • Gender equity is an achievable goal.

(Adapted from information in the Northwest Regional Education Laboratory Equity Center web site in "The Fourth R: Responsibility--Ensuring Educational Excellence Through Equity and Effective School Practices" area. Portland, OR: Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory on May 1, 1999. Adapted with permission from the Equity Center.)


Projects for implementation: · Review of K-12 programs on gender equity through Michigan Department of Education. · Achieve agreement and implementation of a meaningful measuring of gender equity in the curricular area, using desegregated MEAP scores and school improvement goals, to remedy problem areas. This could be facilitated through cooperation with the Michigan Coalition for Staff Development/School Improvement group. · Achieve increased awareness of gender fair education in Career and Technical Education (CTE) through the four areas of activity: gender equity, single parenting, life management and the Office of Civil Rights. · Achieve more equitable representations of the current and historical contributions of women. One vehicle for this would be to rewrite and publish the Women's Book Project brochures under the name of the Gender Equity Team. The PTA will be asked to distribute the brochures as will each of the participating organizations in the Michigan Gender Equity Team. · Review the existing goals of the Adult Work Force Development Department.