Michigan Gender Equity Team


It is hoped that the books & materials within the site's on this page will prove informative to you personally. It is especially hoped that you will find ways to encourage your school or public library to offer and highlight a fair share of books and materials. Books and materials that show the full range of the activities and the accomplishments of women. You may also wish to help encourage teachers to assign research papers to students on the accomplishments of women, in addition to men.

Resource Pamphlet - A pamphlet which covers different books and other resources for gender equity.

National Women's History Project - The National Women's History Project is a nonprofit corporation and is self-supporting through funds raised from the sale of materials, consulting services, and donations from our national constituency.

Women's Educational Equity Act - The Women's Educational Equity Act is a U.S. Department of Education program started in 1974, dedicated to reducing the educational disparity between men and women.