Coalition for Women's Self-Sufficiency - A coalition which is an advocate group that is actively monitoring and making recommendations to help make the Workforce Investment Act better serve women.

Working Woman - The Working Woman site concerning problems that can face working women in terms of salary or promotion.

AFL-CIO - A site to help working women with tough choices in their everyday lives.

National Foundation for Women Business Owners - The National Foundation for Women Business Owners, a nonprofit research organization, is the premier source of information on women business owners and their firms worldwide.

Advocates for Women in Science, Engineering and Mathematics - The AWSEM promotes women who pursue careers in Science, Engineering and Mathematics.

Women in Technology - The WITI Foundation is an association dedicated to advancing women with careers which rely on technology.

‚ÄčWinning Sports Careers Guidebook - The Non-athletes Guide to Finding a Career in Sports. 
We live in a society where the sports industry amasses over $400 billion annually. Fans love their favorite athletes and teams, but who actually makes this industry run?  These behind-the-scenes positions support the sports industry by supplying health services, sales and marketing revenue, and sports media content. The following guide outlines the most popular careers in sports for non-athletes.

Six Strategies.org

Women Work

Michigan Gender Equity Team