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Michigan Gender Equity Team

Women's Funding Network- The mission of Women's Funding Network is to ensure that women's funds are recognized as the "investment of choice" for people who value the full participation of women and girls as key to strong, equitable and sustainable communities and societies.

Council of Michigan Foundations - The Council of Michigan Foundations is a nonprofit membership association comprised of more than 445 foundations and corporations making grants for charitable purposes.

Michigan Women's Foundation - The Michigan Women's Foundation is a philanthropic organization of and for women founded in 1986.

National Network for Grantmakers - The National Network of Grantmakers is an organization of individuals involved in funding social and economic justice.

Three Guineas Fund - The Three Guineas Fund promotes social justice by creating opportunity for women and girls in education and the economy.

The Nokomis Foundation - The Nokomis Foundation exists to make a difference in the lives of women and girls. We do this by advocating for women-friendly policies, celebrating women's accomplishments, instilling economic self-sufficiency and promoting healthy choices.