Michigan Gender Equity Team

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The Michigan Gender Equity Team is a group of organizations acting as a catalyst to achieve gender equity, at home, at school and at work. This site is dedicated to the achievement of full equality for all. The way this site will assist you in helping achieve gender equity is to:

  • Empower you to either act on your own by complaining through the federal or Michigan Civil Rights Office or finding an advocate group or private attorney to work with.
  • Provides an on-line newsletter for sharing current equity work and progress.
  • Identify advocate groups where you can meet others who you can talk to or work with.
  • Help you know what fair treatment should be.
  • Identify funding sources for projects to assess unfairness or implement fair practices.
  • Identify workshop presenters who you can consider bringing to your area to help you.
  • Identify resources to obtain, to use with your own family, resources you could encourage others including your school to use and resources school employees can use in creating gender fair schools.

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