Michigan Gender Equity Team

Evolving Resources for Men

National Association of Men and Women Committed to Ending Violence Against Women - To Galvanize a national movement of men committed to ending all forms of violence against women.

The Gurian Institute - An educational training organization primarily focused on providing teachers, administrators, parents and community members with crucial understanding of how the brain learns and how the male and female brain learn differently.

The National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) - An activist organization of men and women supporting positive changes for men.

Batterers Intervention Services Coalition of Michigan (BISC) - We will voice the batterer intervention perspective while keeping the needs of the victims foremost.

Mankind Project - Offers trainings which support men in developing lives of integrity, accountability, and connection to feeling.

Addressing Domestic Violence- Members of the Baha'i Faith have a major commitment to the equality of women and men and men have a special responsibility to take a leadership role in this work, especially in addressing domestic violence.

A Call to Men - Challenges men to reconsider their long held beliefs about women, in an effort to create a more just society. This is achieved by encouraging change in the behaviors of men through a re-education and training process that challenges sexism.

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